The 5 Most Beautiful Towns and Villages in California

When thinking of California, you may think of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, but the Golden State is also home to some smaller towns and villages that are equally picturesque. Here’s a list of the top 10, from coastal charmers to mountain beauties.

Avalon, Santa Catalina Island

Avalon Harbour | © Alun Reece / Alamy Stock Photo

Avalon Harbour | © Nik Wheeler / Alamy Stock Photo

Located on Catalina Island, which has a rich history that dates back thousands of years, Avalon will remind people of the Mediterranean with its lush vegetation, hillside homes and beautiful, clear waters. The only incorporated city on the island, Avalon was first developed into a resort town by George Shatto. More than a million people visit Avalon each year for its outdoor activities, small shops and art galleries on palm-lined streets, restaurants with incredible views of the water and much more. Featuring a temperate climate year-round, it is a great place to explore any time of the year.

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