Special Rescue Cat Looks Just Like A Little Spider

Aries and his siblings were born at a rural shelter after his mom, a three-legged feral cat, was found pregnant and caught in a trap. It was very cold when the kittens were born and the shelter did not have a great heating system, and so they put out a plea to local rescues, hoping that someone would be able to take in the little family. Being feral, the mom was already very stressed in the shelter environment, and the shelter staff was worried she may not care for her babies unless she was transferred to a warmer, quieter place.

Luckily, Tracy Pitisci, an avid foster mom, found out about Aries and his family and decided to foster them through a local rescue called Ana’s Angels. The mom cat, later named Diana, and her kittens arrived at the Pitisci family’s home in Jacksonville, Florida, only hours after the litter had been born. They hadn’t nursed much yet because Diana was so stressed out, and as Pitisci was getting them all settled, she noticed there was something different about Aries.

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