Cyclist Finds An Abandoned Kitten And Changes His Life Forever

This is Niccolò Bonifazio, a professional cyclist from Italy.

He’s garnered plenty of accolades for athleticism during his riding career, but the most precious prize of all came about through a recent act of kindness

Last month, Bonifazio was on a 20-kilometer training ride with a few friends in a remote region when something caught his ears. From somewhere off the road, with no homes or buildings in sight, Bonifazio perceived the sound of tiny cries for help.

“I heard meowing in the distance,” Bonifazio told The Dodo. “It was a disturbed noise. So, I went into the woods to search.”

It was then that the concerned cyclist discovered a tiny kitten clinging to life near a garbage bag, apparently having been dumped there and left to die.

Thankfully, Bonifazio had found him just in time.

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