Driver Spots Terrified Little Kitten Stranded On An Overpass

Earlier this week, Rob Acuña Jr. was heading home from work along an overpass in Houston, Texas, when something caught his eye — a serendipitous glimpse that wound up saving a life.

“I noticed a little bump on the freeway wall that just happened to look like a little face as I drove by,” Acuña told The Dodo. “I honestly thought I was seeing things since it had been a long day and was so tired.”

Acuña continued on his way, but a thought lingered on his mind: What if that bump was alive?

A few minutes later, Acuña decided he had to double-check. He pulled off the freeway, turned around and headed back to the spot. And it’s a good thing that he did.

Cruising slowly along the overpass with his hazard lights on, Acuña searched and searched to find the “bump” — discovering that it was, in fact, a terrified little kitten.

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