Farmer Surprised After The Kittens He Found Turned Out To Be Something Else

One Russian farmer found four little kittens in his barn – or at least that’s what they seemed to be, until the man discovered the truth. The little fellows clearly needed his help to survive. Yet, they looked different than any other kittens the farmer had seen before. So, to identify what kind of care they needed, the man called the Daursky Nature Reserve, where they confirmed that these were not regular cats. They were animals known as Palla’s cats or Manuls, a rare species of wild cat that is native to Central Asia.

Back at the reserve, the staff decided to check if two regular cats at the rescue could nurse the newborn manuls. Fortunately, they started treating them as their own.

Then, the point came to say farewell to these adorable creatures and take them back to the wild where they belong. Since then, the beauties adjusted to their natural environment and are just thriving.

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