Blind Kitten Found Alone On Street Can’t Stop Hugging Her New Dad For Adopting Her

A small stray kitten turned up in Hout Bay near Cape Town, South Africa. The tiny kitten wound up stealing the hearts of everyone who has met her. Meet June, the little blind kitten with the great big heart and the dad she’s hopelessly devoted to.

18. Rescuing June

Image: The Dodo

According to a volunteer, the little cat was brought in as a stray. “She was brought in … by a member of the community who had found her, and I think her mum had been killed. There were no brothers or sisters.” Abandoned animals are common around the animal rescue, so right away they went about caring for the new kitten.

17. Blind

Image: Cole and Marmalade

However, the team of rescuers knew right away that something about June was different. She didn’t move quite the same way and soon they realized she was born blind. June didn’t seem to mind her condition or even notice it.

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