Bonded Blind Cats Rescued From Hoarding House; Finally Adopted After Months Of Being Overlooked

September 1st, 2018 was a day that would drastically improve the lives of 7 cats in Madison Heights, Michigan. A search warrant was served at a local residence where the animals were living in absolute neglect within a hoard. At the Madison Heights Animal Control shelter, resident cats looking for homes were transferred to other shelters to make room for the new arrivals. 

When the cats arrived, there were two that shelter volunteers knew were a special case. 

Photo: @mhacshelter

The two had put up quite a challenge for the Animal Control workers that had pulled them from the filth. The dedicated humans would stop at nothing to give the frightened cats a chance at a good life, out of the clutter. Even if that meant their legs being devoured by the fleas from the infested “home”. As the last cats to be rescued at the residence, these two had expertly eluded capture, taking refuge under a dresser.

Photo: @mhacshelter

When they were trapped, rescuers were shocked to see the malnourished cats both had serious eye issues. The female calico/tabby of the pair was blind in one eye and the black and white tuxedo male was blind in both! He could just make out light and shadows, but that’s it. They were named Helen and Keller, respectively, and were estimated to be about 2-years-old.

With the lack of eyesight between them, Helen and Keller are absolutely dependent on each other. Keller relies on Helen to lead him with her tail when they are in new locations. Having limited eyesight, Helen is happy to slowly and cautiously explore with her man “having her back.” The shelter knew they were a bonded pair and would have to be adopted together. Not an easy thing to necessarily do, and even more so with visually challenged cats. 

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