Shelter Cat Waited Months for Home, Hops on Man’s Lap and Won’t Let Him Go

A rescued cat who was found wandering the streets of Chicago, waited half a year for a loving home.

Mikita the cat was found as a stray through a local TNR (Trap-neuter-return) project. He was very friendly and enjoyed being around people. Rescuers knew right away that he was meant to be in a good home.

When he met a couple at the shelter, he jumped on the guy’s lap and wouldn’t let him go.


Harmony House for Cats took in the sweet feline and put him up for adoption. The kitty waited for that special someone to come claim him, but six months went by, and no one had stopped for him.

Andrea and Rich Williams, a couple from Chicago, went to the shelter to look at cats. When they walked into one of the rooms, they were immediately greeted by the sweet black cat.


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