Tiny Kitten Brought To Store in Tissue Box Gets Her Life Turned Around With Love..

A palm-sized orphaned kitten found herself in a tissue box at a pet supply store, squeaking for her mother. A rescuer rushed to save the tiny ball of fur and brought her back from the brink.

Meet Hanky!


A week ago, a local Petco received a tiny kitten in a tissue box that someone brought into the store. They didn’t get much information about the kitten but knew that she was desperately in need of care and TLC.

Hannah Shaw (@kittenxlady), an avid cat rescuer and founder of Kitten Lady, learned about the little one’s plight and immediately went to her rescue.

“She was dropped off by a customer who found her and brought her in a tissue box. Petco isn’t set up to care for orphan kittens—so they called me and I came as fast as I could,” Hannah told Love Meow.

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