Once Feral Cat Who Refused Love At First Due To Unknown Handicaps, Now A Gorgeous Happy Family Cat!

You would never know by looking at Coconut now, that this gorgeous white fluff ball once lived on the streets as an aggressive feral cat. With dedicated TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) efforts, fosterers that refused to give up and attentive medical care, he has completely transformed. The amazing story from handicap feral cat to a loving and snuggly lap cat is an inspiration to all rescuers.

Photo courtesy of Boston’s Forgotten Felines

His tale of transformation begins on the Boston streets in 2016.

Coconut was living in a feral cat colony with about 25 other cats. Some of the cats had been previously trapped and fixed as seen by their tipped ear. With some ferals, their personalities will not be tamed and the outdoor life is all they will accept. For Coconut, he sat quietly among the clowder definitely looking worse for the wear. Never raising his eyes, his head focused on the ground as he sat silently in the crowd.

Photo courtesy of Boston’s Forgotten Felines

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